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Online pharmacy merchant account

Finding a reliable payment processor for an online pharmacy merchant account can be a daunting task. Being that it also makes up 95% of payments for online businesses it is also very important. Having specialized in high risk accounts, we know what it takes to get pharma merchants processing and keep them processing.

Whether you are looking for an offshore account or qualified pharmacy merchants can get placed with high risk banks in the U.S. with all the same benefits of offshore processing.


Accept and convert payments in multiple currencies depositing directly into your designated checking account.

Setting up an Online Pharmacy Merchant Account:

for pharmacy merchants you must first apply for a pre-approval; there is no obligation or credit check. Once approved you may integrate directly with one of our supporting gateways. For merchants seeking online pharmacy credit card processing we offer competitive rates with multiple banks and can have you integrated in a short time. To begin setting up your account simply call our toll free number or fill in your contact information and a consultant will process your request and help you through the entire process.




























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