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Advantages of offshore credit card processing

Why take my credit card processing offshore?

Offshore banking will allow your business to reach markets all over the world, take payments in multiple currencies, and also convert and fund directly into your designated checking account. Unlike third party credit card processing and traditional banks your business will not be assigned monthly volume caps.

Many businesses find themselves unable to process credit cards through a traditional bank due to risk or type of business. Banks use a code for each industry called an MCC code and your type of business is classified as a whole by your assigned MCC code. Although our banks are obligated by Visa and MasterCard to abide by these MCC codes we will also perform our own underwriting to determine due diligence and your credit card processing rates and agreement will be provided on an individual basis.

Although we are resellers of different gateways we also work with some of the largest banks offering high risk offshore credit card processing with their own gateway. Processing with banks that own their own gateway will allow you to process your payments securely without having to pay a third party gateway additional transaction and monthly fees.

What do I need to know about offshore processing?

Associations such as Visa and MasterCard require businesses to abide by different requirements. Because we work with different offshore banks all over the world, each bank will have their own requirements for your offshore credit card processing. For example, if you were to set up an account in India you would be required to set up a corporation in the U.K. which would require you to pay a parking tax in accordance with the laws in that country. Others require you to setup an offshore checking account, or even have a resident agent in the same jurisdiction as your bank. Unlike most credit card processors who make setting up an offshore merchant account complicated we handle all of this in house and will help you through the entire process in as little as 48 hours. Because we work with offshore banks with a presence in the U.S. most merchants will not be required to do any of this in order to process credit cards. If your business is required to do some of the requirements we handle all of this in-house; including providing resident agents, offshore incorporations, offshore
bank accounts, and complying with tax laws.

Services we offer for offshore credit card processing:

Apply today:

Applying for a high risk offshore merchant account is as simple as inputting your contact information or calling our toll free number. A consultant who understands your credit card processing needs will help design a solution based on your individual business model.

Since specializing in high risk and offshore credit card processing we have become one of the largest providers placing the hardest to place high risk merchant accounts. As we once were an exclusive provider for banks, gateways, and ISO’s we have developed relationships with multiple banks and are proud to be one of the most established providers to high risk businesses. With in-house solutions keeping costs at a minimum to our merchants and providing unmatched solutions for resellers to offer the most competitive pricing.