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High risk merchant account- no caps, easy setup
High risk merchant account w/98% Approval, being turned down. We place accounts others can't. specializing in the hardest to place High Risk merchant accounts.

High risk credit card processing
High risk credit card processing for merchants with domestic and offshore banks. A complete low cost providor for merchants seeking high risk credit card processing without processing caps!

High risk merchant account agent program
Ongoing residual income, 98% approval all types of high risk merchant accounts accepted.

Questions & Answers
High Risk Merchant Xpert offers High Risk Merchant Accounts 99% approval

About Us
Since 1999 placing high risk merchant accounts.

High Risk Merchant Xpert- Site map
We provide solutions for merchants seeking high risk merchant accounts, offshore merchant accounts, high risk ACH & Check 21, international merchants accepted.

Contact Us
Recieve bids from multiple domestic and international high risk merchant account banks.

Online pharmacy merchant account
Providing solutions for an online pharmacy merchant account with exceptional rates. With multiple banks offering online pharmacy merchant accounts.

Travel merchant account
Offering travel merchant accounts, learn how we can help you lower your merchant account rates and increase your processing volume.

Adult merchant account
Offering adult merchant accounts at the lowest rates guaranteed w/no caps. Don't go offshore we have solutions domestically for your high risk adult merchant account.

Credit repair merchant account
Offering high risk credit repair merchant accounts with no caps, check solutions, low rates, and you don't have to go offshore for your credit repair merchant account.

High risk ACH & Check 21 merchant account
High Risk Merchant Xpert offers reliable solutions for check processing,ACH & check 21 allowing more businesses with better solutions

Domestic high risk merchant account
Allowing more types of businesses for your high risk merchant account with lower rates and no caps. submit your request and recieve bids from all our high risk banks accepting high risk merchant accounts at no cost.

International merchant account
High risk international merchant accounts accepted with multiple international banks all over the world.

High risk E-Commerce merchant account
E-Commerce made easy, specializing in finding reliable solutions for high risk ecommerce merchants no caps, 99% approval, no obligation, recieve bids from all our banks.

High risk offshore merchant account
specializing in high risk offshore merchant accounts. Get bids from multiple high risk offshore and domestic merchant account banks with no obligation.

Glossary A
aba routing number, account number, ACH automated clearing house, approval code, acquirer, associations, authorization code, average ticket, AVS address verification service

Escort merchant account
High Risk Merchant Xpert offers escort merchant accounts with low cost solutions for escort services, escort agencies, escort affiliate sites. For all your escort merchant account processing needs.

Online dating merchant account
Don't go offshore for your online dating merchant account. Contact us and recieve bids from all our banks placing online dating merchant accounts.

Advantages of offshore credit card processing
Most merchants won't need to go offshore for their credit card processing because we work with offshore banks with a presence in the U.S. We can also accomidate you with multiple banks for your offshore credit card processing merchant account.

Glossary B
basis point, batch, BIN number, BIN blocking

Glossary C
capture, chargeback, close batch, collection, compliance, CPS card not present, CVV2 card verification value 2

Glossary D
data capture, DDA demand deposit account, debit card, decline, deposit, discount rate, DUKPT derived unique key per transaction

Glossary E
ECI electronic commerce indicator, EDC electronic draft capture, encryption, EPROM erasable programmable read only memory

Glossary F
force transaction, FTP file transfer protocol

Glossary H
host capture, hypercom

Glossary I
imprint, ISDN line, ISO independant sales orginization, issuer

Glossary L
local review

Glossary M
magnetic stripe, manuel entry, MCC merchant commercial code, MOTO mail order/telephone order, MID merchant identification number, mid qualified

Glossary N
non qualified

Glossary P
PIN personal identification number, pin pad, POS point of sale, processor

Glossary Q

Glossary R
recurring transaction, release, retrieval request

Glossary S
SET secure electronic transaction, settlement, SIC code, SSL secure socket layer

Glossary T
TID terminal identification number, terminal capture, transaction fee

Glossary V
VAP, visanet, voice authorization, void